Go Recycle Now is a recycling service provided
by Appliance Recycling Centers of America, Inc. (ARCA)

ARCA is an innovative company dedicated to preserving the environment
through energy efficiency and proper appliance disposal. A pioneer in
the appliance recycling industry, ARCA has developed the cutting-edge
technology, processes and systems to lessen the negative impact of
appliance disposal on the environment.

Recycling through ARCA comes with the
assurance that all appliances are properly
and permanently removed from service, never
resold. Contractors that choose to resell or
export used appliances damage the impact
of energy efficiency initiatives and the
environment; make the right choice…
Go Recycle Now!

For more information on appliance recycling, please
visit ARCA's website.

ARCA is the leader in appliance recycling throughout the U.S.