The environmental benefits from recycling appliances are enormous and include:

Safe management of hazardous materials
Reduction of energy consumption
  (if appliance is working)
Reduction of emissions of ozone-
   depleting substances and
   greenhouse gases
Prevention of release of
   PCBs, mercury, oil and
   other environmentally damaging
Reduction of materials
   entering landfills
Recovery of scrap metal
   and other recyclables

Proper appliance
recycling prevents many
millions of tons of carbon
dioxide equivalent (CO2 eq.)
greenhouse gases:

Indirectly by reducing
   the energy consumed by
   older operating energy-guzzling
   appliances and by creating new
   raw materials for manufacturing

Directly by preventing the release of
   refrigerant into the atmosphere

Many local utility companies offer incentive programs for recycling or replacing old, working appliances with newer, more energy-efficient models. Click here to see if your utility company offers an incentive program through ARCA.

Components of a refrigerator that are recycled by Go Recycle Now